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Bowen and Natural Conception

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Posted 04.21.2014 in Focus On

The Bowen Technique has been proven to have great success with fertility. In 2001 The Guardian reported that trials in UK, Australia and New Zealand showed remarkable success rates with Bowen in treating infertility. Bowen specialists worldwide continue to report […]

Bowen for Mums, Mums-to-be and Tots

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Posted 03.21.2014 in Focus On

The Bowen Technique – Welcome relief for Mums, Mums-to-be & even Tiny Tots! As the fastest growing complementary therapy in the UK today, The Bowen Technique offers relief for a wide range of painful and stress-related conditions, usually with amazingly […]

Back Pain, Sciatica and Bowen

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Posted 02.16.2014 in Focus On

Of the 1 in 5 people visiting their GP with back pain, the vast majority will leave with few answers as to why the pain started and a statistical likelihood of recurring periods of unexplained of back pain in the future.

Bowen can offer an entirely different perspective on the apparent helplessness of back pain, and a highly effective approach to help you to address it.

Digestive Issues and Bowen

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Posted 01.16.2014 in Focus On

Did you know that 80% of your immune system is located inside your digestive tract? And that good digestive health is absolutely critical for good health? Tell tale signs such as bloating, gassiness, stomach cramps and irregular bowel movements are all indications that your digestive system is struggling. If not resolved, poor digestion can lead to many serious issues.

Bowen offers an excellent approach to restoring digestive health.

Stress, Anxiety and Bowen

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Posted 11.14.2013 in Focus On

When we are under considerable and constant pressure, our body switches to a stress response known as ‘fight or flight’. During prolonged periods of stress, ‘fight or flight’ commonly stays switched on leading to stress overload, which can be extremely dangerous for long-term health.

Bowen is highly effective in switching off the stress response and offering relief for stress and anxiety-related conditions.

Whiplash and Bowen

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Posted 10.14.2013 in Focus On

Whiplash can be a major contributing factor to many seemingly unrelated issues such as migraine, tinnitus, vision and sinus problems. If unaddressed, an impact of this nature can have far-reaching effects throughout the body, leading to future problems.

So if your therapist is only treating your neck and upper back for whiplash, you may want to re-think your approach.


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7 Good Reasons for Bowen Therapy

1. Stress Relief – Unique moves switch off the fight or flight stress response
2. Balance restored – structurally, chemically & emotionally
3. Pain Relief – postural & tension-based problems
4. Calming – inflammatory & allergy-based conditions
5. Breathe Easier – hayfever, respiratory & sinus symptoms
6. Aids Digestion – calms, heals, reduces inflammation, improves passage of food & waste
7. Protects You – boosts your body’s natural defences, promotes healing & recovery of energy


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