Lindsay Evans

Lindsay has a genuine fascination for the human body and over many years she has immersed herself in learning about its workings. She is continually wowed by how minimal therapeutic interaction can stimulate the body’s natural abilities to restore, regenerate and repair even the most long-standing issues.

Lindsay has gained a broad understanding across a variety of approaches and her work as a dedicated Bowen Therapist is underpinned by a range of qualifications including a Diploma in Nutritional Science, Touch for Health Kinesiology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Stress Coaching and Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques.

Like many therapists, it was a critical diagnosis that was to be the pivotal point that caused Lindsay to walk away from an extensive career in the highly pressurized world of corporate marketing and turn her focus to the area of natural health.

For the past11 years Lindsay has run a busy Bowen Therapy practice in and around the Wokingham area in Berkshire and has now expanded to offer private therapy appointments at locations in Hampshire and Surrey. She has recently further developed her depth of knowledge and experience of the Bowen Technique through intensive training to qualify as a tutor for The College of Bowen Studies.

In addition to offering private therapy appointments for treatment at several busy local clinics, she is now running training courses for the attainment of professional qualification in The Bowen Technique at locations across the country.


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7 Good Reasons for Bowen Therapy

1. Stress Relief – Unique moves switch off the fight or flight stress response
2. Balance restored – structurally, chemically & emotionally
3. Pain Relief – postural & tension-based problems
4. Calming – inflammatory & allergy-based conditions
5. Breathe Easier – hayfever, respiratory & sinus symptoms
6. Aids Digestion – calms, heals, reduces inflammation, improves passage of food & waste
7. Protects You – boosts your body’s natural defences, promotes healing & recovery of energy


Human Body

Lindsay Evans therapies can help bring relief for people suffering from a wide range of symptoms and conditions.