Bowen and Natural Conception

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Posted 04.21.2014 in Focus On

The Bowen Technique has been proven to have great success with fertility. In 2001 The Guardian reported that trials in UK, Australia and New Zealand showed remarkable success rates with Bowen in treating infertility. Bowen specialists worldwide continue to report fast and effective results.

The Bowen Technique, which consists of a series of gentle moves over specific areas of muscles, tendons and other soft tissue, stimulates the body to make very rapid and often astounding changes clearing emotional, chemical and physical blockages.

Bowen can be used to treat infertility by:

  • Inducing deep muscle relaxation – tension can cause muscles to tighten and restrict the natural blood-flow, lymphatic drainage and nerve supply of the body, all of which can affect fertility. Relaxation of muscles aids the natural flow of processes necessary for ovulation and a healthy pregnancy.
  • Correcting structural imbalances – there is growing evidence that unexplained fertility may relate to pelvic or spinal dysfunction. Bowen is extremely effective in rapidly addressing musculoskeletal misalignments without the need for strong manipulation or force.
  • Addressing the endocrine (hormonal) system and pelvic area – this can have a tremendously positive effect on both male and female reproductive systems, working on functional problems such as low sperm count, infrequent ovulation, ovarian cysts and endometriosis as well as other conditions leading to infertility.
  • Relaxing the mind – fertility problems are not always physical. Both the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems are influenced by the mind. The stress of trying to get pregnant can be immense for both partners. The more stressed we become the more imbalanced the body is as a whole. Stress puts the body into a state called survival mode. In this primal state the body is intent on keeping itself alive, with focus of reproducing minimal. Consequently blood supply to reproductive organs along with digestion is reduced leading to restricted flow of vital nutrients and fluid these areas. Bowen induces great relaxation and calming of the mind. This helps bring the body out of survival mode and encourages great positivity and emotional stability.


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7 Good Reasons for Bowen Therapy

1. Stress Relief – Unique moves switch off the fight or flight stress response
2. Balance restored – structurally, chemically & emotionally
3. Pain Relief – postural & tension-based problems
4. Calming – inflammatory & allergy-based conditions
5. Breathe Easier – hayfever, respiratory & sinus symptoms
6. Aids Digestion – calms, heals, reduces inflammation, improves passage of food & waste
7. Protects You – boosts your body’s natural defences, promotes healing & recovery of energy


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