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Posted 01.16.2014 in Focus On

It has been estimated that poor or declining gut health is a major factor in the manifestation of 90% of all chronic symptoms and diseases.

Good digestive health is about more than just breaking down your food properly; it’s essential for nutrient absorption, immune function, detoxification and the overall balance of the body’s chemicals and hormones.

High levels of stress play a major part in upsetting digestive health. When the ‘fight or flight’ stress response is triggered for significant periods of time, the balance of chemical substances necessary for breaking down and digesting food become depleted and digestive processes are suppressed. This slows the passage of food through the stomach and intestines, creating a build-up of harmful toxicity.

Having recently been experiencing chronic acid reflux after every meal or drink. A scan revealed that I had multiple gallstones and was advised that only surgery could correct this issue. I naturally turned to Bowens it had helped me in the past. After 3 Bowen treatments, I can eat and drink anything!
K S, Wokingham, Berkshire<

Many symptoms such as bloating and gassiness, stomach cramps, heartburn, acid reflux, constant feelings of fullness or loss of appetite and irregular bowel movements with bouts of diarrhea and/or constipation are all indications of a struggling digestive system. Many of these symptoms are commonly diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS for which conventional medicine has no real solution.

A struggling digestive system is in itself a large source of stress to the body, as partially undigested food particles start to interfere with the gut’s delicate balance leading to damage to the gut wall and over-production of unhealthy bacteria in the intestines. In the case of ‘leaky gut’, the damaged gut lining becomes porous, allowing toxins, pathogens and undigested food particles to enter the bloodstream; the root cause of many sensitivities, allergic reactions and recurring illness.

I was very anxious and stressed following a bowel cancer operation followed by a heart attack. I also suffer with back pain (genetic) and a hiatus hernia. After just 3 sessions of Bowen I am more confident an relaxed, my back pain is almost non-existent and the hiatus hernia symptoms have virtually disappeared. Thank you Lindsay!
A O, Finchampstead, Berkshire

Over time if not resolved, stress overload, poor digestion and compromised immune function can lead to recurring infections, loss of energy, unexplained aches and pain and contribute to many serious issues such as inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis and cancer.

The Bowen Technique can make a significant difference in helping to restore digestive health. Here’s how…

Switching off the ‘fight or flight stress response’

Bowen is extremely effective in tackling stress head on. The unique Bowen moves trigger the brain to switch off the ‘fight or flight’ stress response allowing the body to re-balance and revert to its natural alpha healing state, enabling vital body processes to normalise.

Boosting the immune system and repairing of the gut wall

As stress leaves the body, the immune system and all natural repair and healing processes will be boosted and restored. This enables your body to get back on top of the situation in repairing and healing damaged tissue and gradually reinstating a good level of protection as the health and integrity of the gut wall is restored.

Restoring chemical balance

Bowen helps to restore chemical balance throughout the body, and together with a healthy, balanced diet can help to improve the quality of digestive juices to improve digestion and absorption and helping to flush toxins out of the body

Improving muscle function

Since the whole digestive process relies on a muscular action called peristalsis to move the food right the way through the stomach, small and large intestines and out the other end, Bowen comes up trumps again in ensuring clear, unconfused communication between the brain and these muscles to restore and maximum efficiency.

Please Note: This treatment should not be seen as a substitute for essential medical treatment. Consult your doctor if unsure.


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7 Good Reasons for Bowen Therapy

1. Stress Relief – Unique moves switch off the fight or flight stress response
2. Balance restored – structurally, chemically & emotionally
3. Pain Relief – postural & tension-based problems
4. Calming – inflammatory & allergy-based conditions
5. Breathe Easier – hayfever, respiratory & sinus symptoms
6. Aids Digestion – calms, heals, reduces inflammation, improves passage of food & waste
7. Protects You – boosts your body’s natural defences, promotes healing & recovery of energy


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